Do YOU Want to Tap into the Current Pandemic-Driven Boom in the Housing Market

Here’s How I Can Get YOU the Hottest Leads in Your Area and Make 2021 Your Most Successful Year Ever

The current demand for housing is insane.

What’s more, the pandemic-driven boom in the housing market will last into 2021.

Despite this, I see real estate investors making the same mistakes over and over again.

You’re spending more time on the phone than actually working on your business.

You waste all your time looking for leads, and not enough time doing your actual work.

It’s a massive distraction which can run your business into the ground.

What’s worse is having to call hundreds of homeowners each week and facing rejection after rejection.

It’s soul destroying. It can suck the passion out of your job.

What’s more, it makes it hard to scale your business.

You shouldn’t be doing this.

You should be out looking at houses and growing your business.

And now you can!

How to Stop Working in Your
Business and Start Working on It!

There are hundreds of thousands of people all across the country ready to sell their homes.

I’m going to help you get in contact with them and help you make 2021 your most successful year yet.

Imagine if you never had to pick up the phone and put up with angry people who treat you like crap again.

Imagine if you had leads being delivered to you.

Then, instead of having to pester people, you’ll have enjoyable conversations with hot leas who want you to help them.

This is what we can do for you at Lead Mining.
This is when everything changes.
Not only can we get you all the leads you want, you’ll be able to expand into other markets as well.

My name’s Nicholas Nick and for the last 3 years I’ve been helping real estate investment companies get a full pipeline of leads eager to sell them their properties.

I can help you get so many leads, the only problem you’ll have will be managing them all and deciding where you’d like to expand your business.

Take Zack Kram who owns and runs Springfield Property Solutions in the Springfield and Branson Missouri market.

I’ve helped him go from being a part time business to full time.

Before, he was making all the calls himself yet he hardly had enough time to look at properties and grow his business.

When he turned everything over to us, things took off and he was able to go full time.

He did 54 deals last year. In fact, his business grew so fast, in the same year he opened up a second market in Atlanta.

And he’s not the only one.

I’ve Walked in Your Shoes

I’m able to do this for you because I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

I used to make 300 to 600 calls a day.

I got insulted, shouted at, and just faced rejection after rejection. It was horrible.

I was taking bad notes. Saying the wrong thing. I even accidentally hung up on my leads.

Yet in my first month, I made over 7,000 cold calls.

I had 70 leads in my pipeline and I had 7 properties under contract.

Despite how bad I thought I was, I was getting massive traction.

So I knew I was onto something.

I kept going despite the obstacles, and steep learning curve.

And things clicked.

My batting average went down, and I’d too many leads to handle.

I got so good, I went on to hire and train other people.

I had a team of 4 Americans. I trained them to do all the cold calling and all the work.

I taught them how to clock in with our software, how to use the dialling software, the scripts, how to take notes, how to get along with each other.

And, most importantly, how to relate and convert the sellers into possible leads for our clients.

Strike While the Iron’s Hot

With the US real estate market managing to thrive during the coronavirus pandemic, many investors are beginning to make plans to enter the market next year.

A lot of homeowners are in distress. People who own multiple houses want to sell in case the market drops. You’re going to be talking with people about buying their house who you’d normally never have that conversation with.

Mortgage rates are at rock bottom, which means more and more people are looking to buy.
For this reason, many experts predict property prices are going to boom.
This means it’s going to be more competitive than ever.

What’s going to make the difference is your ability to get leads.


The Pistol Package

The Pistol Package takes all the hard work out of getting leads for your real estate investing company.

Here’s how it works…

When you sign up, we’ll pull 375 records for you using your criteria. We’ll then skip trace them at a 70% accuracy rate.
Next we take those phone numbers, put them in our text blasting software, we blast it out and we even reply to all positive replies at no additional cost.
We send all leads to you, the second they’re generated and then we set our team of Americans on it and they begin cold calling through your entire list.

After over 3 years and 3 million cold calls,
we’ve perfected the art of cold calling.

All our team members have gone through rigorous training ensuring they can type fast enough, respond quick enough and build rapport with your prospects.

We give them all your info so they know exactly how to represent you.

They’ll know how to pronounce your name, how to talk about your business.

They know exactly what to do when they get on the phone with the sellers.

They’ll call everyone up to 3 times who does not answer the phone.

They’ll ask up to 14 questions to your prospects which ensures we cover every step of the process.

This way there are no questions you will have unanswered when your lead hits your inbox.

And we’ll send you a report for that entire week on Friday.


You’ll Be Able To See...

How many dials we’ve made.
How many people picked up the phone
And how many leads were generated

So you have a full summary of our performance for the week.

And you can call my cell phone or text me any time.

So Far I’ve Helped Over 3,000+
Real Estate Investors Grow Their Business

So Far I’ve Helped Over 3,000+ Real Estate Investors Grow Their Business

Here’s what some of them have to say:

If you were to find this package anywhere else or begin to piece it together, it would cost at least $500, and that’s not including hiring, training, managing, or even paying someone to pick up that phone.

However, you can get it all today for only $250.
That’s only 3 cent per list pulled and 6 cent per skip tracing.

That pricing is unheard of.
Even our cold calling is even discounted and you’re receiving 20% off our text messaging platforms.

What’s more, if you use it on a consistent week to week basis, you will have over $120 a month in savings.

Sign Up​ For The Pistol
Package NOw


All Inclusive Service
$ 250
  • 375 Records Pulled at 3 cents
  • 375 Records Skip Traced at 7 cents
  • 500 Americans Cold Calls - 5% off
  • 300 Managed Texts - 20% off
  • $30.25 in SAVINGS
Save $30.25

No Contracts and No Commitments

We take your success seriously at lead mining.

That’s why we have no contracts and no commitments.

We fight tooth and nail to ensure you get the best results possible.

Which is one of the reasons I make myself available to all of my clients to work through or troubleshoot any issues they may have along the way.

So you get to learn from my experience first hand , not just through my system.

That is why our training, results and success are next levels at Lead Mining.
Because we’re fighting for your success just as hard as you are.

Real estate investing is a super competitive sport, your competition is out there right now trying to get ahead of you, and there’s only one way for you to overcome that, hire a bigger and better team.

This is what we’re here for. Do not let your competition get ahead of you in skill or time.

Sign up today and you will get ahead of your competition.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

First we buy a phone number local to the area that you’re investing in. Then we take your skip traced list and upload it to our software. After this we send out a text blast. Next we reply to all positive replies for you. We shoot for 4 key elements: 1) do they own the property? 2) do they want to sell? 3) what’s the condition? a) and 4 and do they have a price in mind? Once we get this information, we take the whole transcript of the text message and we send it to you in a document and you can see all the leads you’ve acquired and everything which was said to them.
We provide absentees and sellers, cash buyers and buyers, and you can select the criteria such as, Equity, Property Value, and Property Type.
No, you don’t that’s included.
We sure do, this is another expense you do not have to take on. Some dialing software starts at $200 a month and go up from there.
No, you don’t, leave that to us, we’re experts in this field, you’ll be able to outsource this to us, let us handle the cold calling.
If you’ve any questions or feedback, or need to talk about anything, you can find my cell phone number on the website. Call me today and let’s talk about it.