1. Congratulate them

Congrats you just got
- you made a great decision because this product will help you [remind them of the benefit of the front end product]

Congratulations you just picked up an amazing package. The Pistol Package is a surefire way to take A LOT of tasks off your plate! Now that we have everything automated….THE ONLY THING LEFT TO DO…...is SCALE.

2. Problem

Talk about the problem that they’re going to face next or the one they have right now that will prevent them from getting the result they want.

Now the next goal is to get MORE LEADS…..FASTER!!!! Cold Calling is a numbers game and you gotta go through some numbers before it hits Sometimes those numbers come early! We have had over 15 clients close a deal their first week with us! And Sometimes those numbers take time to happen! Best thing you can do is double down on your systems

3. Agitate (Make It Hurt, Awaken The Pain)

Make the problem hurt. Why is this problem going to hurt their progress?

We have learned at lead mining that a first goal is to really get some dials out, you want to be dialing atleast 500 dials a week to see some traction and potentially up to 1000 dials a week to have a really consistent flow at your fingertips

4. Solve



[talk about product] This package is amazing because its DOUBLE EVERYTHING…..except the price!

And this is extremely valuable because
Twice the Lead Flow
Twice the opportunities
Less than twice the price!

5. Qualify Yourself

Remind them why you’re qualified to teach them about this

When I was an executive at the real estate education company, I spoke to our clients time after time again. They had just spent THOUSANDS on a direct mail campaign…..and many wouldn’t even receive 1 call. It was heartbreaking to hear about $3000 invested and the phone not ringing once!

I knew at that time I had to create a solution so investors could get true TRACTION in their business at a fraction of the cost.

6. Offer breakdown (exactly what you get)

Here’s exactly what you get

-750 Records Pulled matching your criteria
-750 Records skip traced
-1000 Professionally Trained American Dials
-500 Managed Text Messages

That’s a total value of $1500

We will normally sell this for $550 on our main website.

But because you’re an action taker, because you’re my newest customer, because you’re special… You can get it for just $482

Yes! You can get the for just $482 today!

(Compare to everyday things)

*That's half the cost of an iphone
*That's the cost of small gocart
*That's not even 1 ferrari

This is a one time offer. If you leave this page you won’t get this discount anymore.

7. Fast action bonuses (2-3)

And you’re also going to get these extra bonuses for FREE

[Bonus Name]: [Course access maybe?] ($250 value)

These bonuses are worth $XX on their own!
You get them for FREE with your if you act today only!

8. Guarantee

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee You have 30 days to try this out. If you don’t like your
or you want your money back for ANY reason, just email us at [support email] and we’ll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

9. The Stack

As a recap, here’s EVERYTHING you’re getting today

*ALL inclusive Package ($550 value)
*Mindset of a Cold Caller Course ($50 value)

That’s a total value of $XXX We’re going to sell this on our main website for $XXX, without the bonuses. However, you get EVERYTHING right now, at an incredible XX% discount, for just $XXX today only!

10. Urgency/Scarcity

You’ll never see this one time offer again.

Click the buy button to add [ product name] to your order now